Wedding Styling 101: All You Need To Know

Decorating a wedding can be fun and exciting. Any bride would want her wedding to look amazing and nothing less than perfect. But with so many details to consider such as flowers, table setting, floor plan, etc., it can also get overwhelming, don't you think? One day you're into a minimalist wedding design and then the next you're craving for wild and bright hues!

Can relate? Don't worry! Our resident expert event stylist, NAB Manila, is here to give you a cheat sheet on wedding styling rules you need to know, and guide you through designing the wedding of your dreams!

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1. Start with the foundation

Other than the location itself, your wedding venue will have a huge impact on the overall look of your event. The floor layout, wall color, and size, among other details, will make or break (challenge) your wedding decor plans. If your venue does not match your design vision, be mindful that may entail more work on the styling transformation and therefore, cost more.

2. Match with neutral tones

Here's a secret: Whatever your chosen wedding theme is, be it plain or loud, make sure to match it with basic neutral colors. Having base color tones such as whites, nudes, or grays will highlight your overall wedding design without overdoing it. It will give you that touch of class and timelessness.

3. Good lighting

What's the use of wedding decor if you can't see it well? Whether you'll be in an indoor or outdoor venue, do not forget to consider lighting. Natural lighting is the best as it highlights everything and everyone perfectly. However, be mindful of direct afternoon sunlight as it may be too hot and may make your guests uncomfortable. For night-time receptions, candles, string lights, or a decked-out stage lighting system will give out different moods and ambience fit to your theme. Consult with your event stylist and choose accordingly.


4. Smooth traffic flow

As much as we want to style every space and corner of the venue, let's consider traffic circulation. There will be guests going in and out, staff and crew roaming around, and food distributed at any given time. Making space for movement and functionality is still a priority without sacrificing the overall design.

5. Your personal touch

Adding your personality and story to your wedding styling will make your celebration even more memorable! Also, having personal notes, even handwritten ones, incorporated in escort cards or tables will instantly make your guests feel special and that they are truly part of your journey!

6. Stick to your theme

There are a lot of good wedding design inspirations around. However, you gotta stop scrolling Pinterest once you've established your final design theme. Stick to the plan! Never go out of your color palette and theme as you'll end up with a cluttered and disorganized look. If you want to add or change any details in your design, remember to go back and consider your original wedding design vision.

7. Hire a professional

Remember that your wedding, whether an intimate or a big one, is once in a lifetime. Consider hiring a wedding stylist, such as Nab Manila, to help you achieve your #weddinggoals. They will help you develop a full concept and theme, create a custom mood board for you to visualize your wedding and help you stick with those. They will help you in the decision-making process, take care of all the details, big or small, and source the materials. All these things may be overwhelming for the average bride. Wouldn't you rather just enjoy your moment than take on all of these things on your own?

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