5 Mistakes Couples Make When Planning an Intimate Wedding

What is an intimate wedding?

Generally, it’s a wedding that has around 10 to 50 guests. But small doesn’t mean you should celebrate it in a less special way. You still want your wedding to come together perfectly, don't you? Because of the number of guests, couples who are planning an intimate wedding tend to make certain mistakes due to some misconceptions. Let’s deal with them here:

1. Assuming everything will be cheaper.

In a sense, it will be cheaper meaning more affordable. You won’t be spending for a lot for heads in terms of food. You won't be spending much on invites. There will be less bouquets for the entourage, smaller space, etc.

But should you assume that everything would be cheaper or you wouldn't spend for anything at all? Do you want your wedding to be a half-baked experience?

Actually, having an intimate wedding is an opportunity for you to spend more on what matters most and spend less on things that don't. That's something you might not be able to do with a 100, 200 pax or more wedding.

If you and your guests are foodies, you can roll out the best food with greater viands and drinks, since there are fewer mouths to feed.

You wedding may be small but it should still be beautiful; thus, the expense for styling the ceremony and reception venues.

Still make sure you’re dressed nicely as you walk down the aisle in your dream gown and his preferred attire. Expense for attires usually includes at the very least the parents of the bride and groom.

Emailed invites may be underwhelming to the importance of your wedding so it would be nice to do have something printed or do something special such as a save the date.

Take out: Still allot and set a budget for your "big" day. Your wedding may be small in quantity, but don't skimp on the quality. Remember, your guests will come to your wedding to celebrate you. They also expect to have a great time either in a big or small wedding. They would appreciate to a satisfying meal. Make sure you have a celebration that is still memorable and one for the books.

Read how this couple was able to pull off a destination intimate wedding on a budget!

2. Doing everything yourself.

Some think there’s no need for suppliers because it’s an intimate wedding anyway. However, DIY-ing absolutely everything or assigning friends and relatives to do tasks could mean chaos on the day. You won't be able to relax as a bride. Plus, your friends may not be wedding professionals and they are guests to begin with.

Whom do you choose to forego seeing you march down the aisle so the reception area would have an advance party? What if the one in charge of the timeline and endorsements forgets the tasks or gets overwhelmed by what’s happening? Can you really get mad at him or her when the officiant calls out for the arrhae, the veil, the rings and those were actually forgotten at the preps venue? What if the one taking photos of the March cries while supposedly taking shots? Or the one assigned to handle the video talks to someone and misses the door opening or the groom shedding tears?

Suppliers are needed because you’d like to have a intimate, organized, and beautiful wedding. Leave it to the experts so you and your guests can full enjoy the day. Definitely you won’t want guests to remember you for having the most chaotic wedding. To guide you, here are the 3 pillars of services you need for an intimate wedding.

3. Doing without table assignments and RSVP.

You still need to create a seat plan or table assignments. These need to be the product of a lot of thought because you only have a few people included. Make them feel comfortable and at home by seating them beside those whom they know or at least those with whom they can relate. You want your reception to still be organized.

You still need to do RSVP call outs to confirm everyone invited is accounted for. You may have to deal with heartbreak when the ones you considered so special (they made the cut after all) say their regrets regarding your invitation.

4. Thinking an intimate wedding is all roses.

Let's be real: You will agonize over whom to include in the guest list. Those who won’t make the cut might feel resentful. Your parents will have to buy into your idea because they are most likely from the school of thought that all their friends and relatives should be invited. Explanations will have to be made.

There are pros and cons in any wedding with all of its factors included (number of guests, venue, type of food, etc.) So as usual, think these things through. On the other hand, here are 3 and more reasons why you should go for an intimate wedding.

5. Not checking legal grounds for a wedding.

Your intimate wedding is not a wedding if it's not legal.

Currently in the Philippines, online weddings or zoom weddings are not considered legal. Civil weddings are legal, recognized by the State. Nuptial ceremonies are done by different religions with certain requirements. All require a marriage license.

A wedding is a wedding — big or small. It has to be organized, beautiful, and memorable. You can’t achieve that by your lonesome no matter how OC you are. No worries, INTIMO WEDDINGS are here to help you in your intimate wedding planning. Talk to us for a free consultation.



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