Villa Milagros Is a Wedding Venue Full of History and Heart

Tucked away a few minutes from Quezon City is Villa Milagros Mansion and Gardens, one of the best wedding venues we know and have today. The Intimo Team paid a little visit and here's what we discovered:

This place is more than just a wedding venue. The Mansion is originally an ancestral home and a concrete symbol of love of a husband to his wife. Built between 1965 and 1969, The Mansion was a gift of Isidoro to his beloved Ma. Milagros for their 35th wedding anniversary. It was a summer home for their huge family. They had 11 children, three boys and eight girls and over 34 grandchildren.

In 2015, the Liamzon family decided to restore the property and add more features to the Mansion to make it into the amazing wedding venue we know today. It has now become a favorite of many, not only for garden weddings, but also for intimate weddings and large gatherings for all occasions.

It was endearing to find that despite the changes throughout the years, the Mansion's identity remains intact. We loved seeing antique features such as pieces from House of Puyat (a popular furniture maker at that time), chandeliers bought from Europe, and an original Steinway grand piano. Most of the finishes were also preserved. Our favorite being the large windows that supply natural light to all parts of the Mansion. It's predominantly white Modern European aesthetic is simply gorgeous! The different venues, rooms and gardens of the Villa were also named after the children of Nanay and Tatay. All these things, both big and small, are reminders of the happy and wonderful memories that the Liamzon family had (and continue to have) at Villa Milagros.

And they want you to have that too! The Mansion, with all of its beautiful gardens, vintage rooms, and banquets hall, welcomes those who want to experience that delight of love and happiness. Villa Milagros' mission is to celebrate and create picture-perfect timeless memories for their couples and their loved ones. They do that with their one-of-a-kind venue and their exceptional quality service.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or outdoor venue, Villa Milagros has it all. Some say the best place to feel Villa Milagros’s history and grandeur is hosting your event at the very heart of The Mansion, in Liamzon Hall. Liamzon Hall can seat up to 40 guests and it’s best for hosting intimate weddings. its intricate marble medallion, matching wall lamps and chandeliers make this one of their most stunning venues. For a slightly larger crowd, you might also consider booking half of The North Wing.

If you have always dreamt of an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, the Villa Milagros gardens can be set up in any way you like. The formal Delia’s Garden is a beautifully landscaped outdoor venue and can accommodate up to 200 guests, while the rustic Cristina’s Garden is a great place for laid back and intimate gatherings for a maximum of 150 guests. Both gardens have amazing views of The Mansion, which serves as a stunning backdrop for your event.

With the vast space, it's amazing that Villa Milagros offers exclusivity for all their guests. Regardless of how intimate or grand your wedding is, you and your guests have exclusive access to Villa Milagros. Villa Milagros also has an open-door policy. They charge no corkage fees and welcome all of their clients’ chosen suppliers.

Villa Milagros is an all-in-one venue. You can do your prenup shoot, your preparations, your ceremony, cocktails, reception, and even your after-party - all in this beautiful estate. It is great for couples who want a combination of indoor and outdoor venues. You can even stay overnight in one of their many vintage rooms, which can accommodate your families, entourage, and VIPs as they prepare for your event. What’s more is when you choose Villa Milagros as your venue, you also get a complimentary pre-event 4-hour photoshoot.

No other wedding venue shares the kind of ambiance and history that Villa Milagros has. We know the photos, videos, and memories you will make here will be as beautiful today as it will be 100 years from now. Every single nook and cranny of the Villa’s one hectare space is picture-perfect and designed with you in mind. To top it off, Villa Milagros is know to offer premium service and genuine hospitality. They promise to be with you every step of the way, to give you a personalized service and treat you as their VIP guests. What could be better?

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