FoodTray2Go Is Your Best Bet for Celebration-Ready Feasts!

With community quarantines still in place, celebrations just aren’t how they used to be. Gone are the days of big weddings in hotel ballrooms, but here are the days of intimate gatherings amongst your closest family and friends. And what better way to make a simple celebration extra special than with a sumptuous feast around the dining table or maybe even send some food over to those that couldn’t make it?

To some, the task of preparing delicious home cooked meals can be quite daunting if you’ve already got a lot on your plate and a lot to plan for your event. The thought of going out for grocery, the effort to prepare ingredients, and the extensive hours of cooking in the kitchen for a group of people all seems a bit exhausting. FOODTRAY2GO makes our lives simpler so we can focus on the important moments of our intimate event. Nice, don't you think?

What we like with FOODTRAY2GO is that ordering food has never been so easy! With recipes passed down from generation to generation, they aim to offer you a wide variety of over 100 choices of appetizing and freshly cooked food at affordable prices that tastes just like home.

With over 50,000 meals served over the past 2 years, FOODTRAY2GO promises a more convenient way to order food - whenever and wherever you may be! Whether you're in the mood for Eastern or Western cuisine, from appetizers, meat, seafood, pasta, vegetables, dessert, food trays or packed meals, they most probably have it in their menu! It’s a one-stop-shop for all your food cravings!

See their complete menu and prices here.

So if you're planning for an upcoming birthday, office lunch, intimate wedding celebration, or even just a simple gathering with family and friends, let FOODTRAY2GO be your go-to to-go meal!

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